Creative Digest

Jo Atherton

Welcome to the first article under the new section of the Creative Digest. Every month, articles will consider a theme which will aim to provide insight into creative practice and mindset of the artist. We will consider five resources taken from the breadth of the web, including traditional websites, but also social networking groups, blogs, articles, apps and even online behaviours to inspire, delight and challenge you.

As the year progresses, I hope to arm you with a set of online resources which can be your go-to place for support and advice when you find yourself experiencing one of those days when you’re feeling lost or are simply hungry for a new challenge. So if you enjoy one of the following resources, why not subscribe to their newsletter, follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook?

Having survived Christmas, and being the first article of 2015, this month is all about renewal and resolution. 

Here are my top five links offering you some new angles and advice on ways to stretch yourself in the coming year.

  • Five New Year’s Resolutions that Fuel Creativity
    Rachelle Doorley describes herself as an artist, mum, educator, tea drinker, shell collector, girl scout leader, world traveller - basically, she is a woman of many roles and offers some wonderful advice and insights on her blog, TinkerLab, specialising in ‘creative experiments for makers and tinkerers’.
  • On the subject of resolutions, now is the time to establish some habits which will help you begin a creative routine that you will find both achievable and useful. One organisation I would recommend following or visiting is Design Seeds, for ‘all who colour’. Design Seeds celebrate colours found in nature and the aesthetic of purposeful living, stripping out key tones from photographs which offers you a wondrous insight far beyond the colour wheel. You can access their daily postings via the traditional website, or get your daily fix via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Their posts will help you seek out those magical hues and tones, and teach you to see the beauty of colour in almost everything.
  • The Herts Visual Arts Online Gallery
    Did you know that as a HVA member you have a profile on our website which includes a gallery listing? And out of all HVA members, only 68% are making use of this member benefit - that means there are still 32% of you that aren’t listed who could be missing out on all manner of opportunities. If you aren’t listed, why not follow these simple steps to get your work seen. We’ve even produced a video tutorial to help you! If you are using the gallery, why not start the year with a fresh representation of your work and upload some new images of your work?
  • Keep an eye on a-n, the Artists Network. There is so much this organisation can offer you, from opportunities, to news on campaigning for artist’s minimum pay, to exhibition reviews and also a great deal on public liability insurance specifically for artists. It really is a resource that as an artist you can’t do without. Be sure one of your new resolutions in 2015 includes stopping by this website once a week.
  • 19 Daily Habits Of Artists That Can Help Unlock Your Creativity You may have seen this popular Huffington Post article last year which offers some great tips from letting go of ‘perfect’ to seeking inspiration in mundane places. Katherine Brooks reviews The Jealous Curator, a book that aims to tackle creative block head on. The author, Danielle Krysa interviewed 50 professional and amateur, trained and self-taught artists to explore the ways in which the world's most creative individuals overcome the universal feeling of doubt. Read some of those key habits in this invaluable article and make them your own.