Jo's Web Wizardry

Jo Atherton

During 2013, I’ll be providing a monthly round up of websites which will be of particular interest to your artistic endeavours. They may relate to online trends in social media, or may simply be great hubs of advice which I’m sure you will find useful.


With the start of each New Year, feelings of aspiration fill my mind as I like to plan where I see my work heading over the next twelve months. I think it’s especially important for artists to have a set of personal targets or resolutions they can work towards. All too often, being our own boss can mean it becomes very easy to settle into a routine and ‘play it safe’. Why not make 2013 the year you really push yourself to try something new?

It’s especially important that, as artists, we be bold and experiment with our practice. Keeping an eye on opportunities will provide you with exhibitions or events to aim for. Knowing where to go for this information can be half the battle, as often a whole morning can pass online without realising it.

Here is my digest of the best websites providing details of events and opportunities which I hope you find helpful:

  • The HVA Opportunities page – all the local opportunities listed on our website
  • Creative Choices – a wealth of useful articles to help your creative career
  • Isendyouthis – one of the best listings of exhibitions, events and funding opportunities I have found
  • Creative Boom - an online community and magazine for the creative industries
  • London Artists Quarter – includes Call for Artists, exhibition opportunities and funding information

So having found details of all those exciting opportunities taking place in 2013, it’s probably a good time to run an online stock take of your work and see where you are appearing online. I invite you to ‘Google yourself’- don’t worry, it won’t hurt! It’s often a great way of starting to think about how you appear online, and how you may sculpt your digital image.

During this column last year, I talked about the importance of updating your Gallery page on the Herts Visual Arts website.  Now is the perfect time to refresh your memory for some handy tips on how to give your page a spring clean and start planning your artistic resolutions for 2013. Good luck!