HVAF Gallery

We are pleased to advise that the GALLERY Options on the HVAF website have been improved.


The Personal Profile and 3 images are still being provided, as a membership benefit, free of charge.

For those members wishing to display 4-15 images the annual fee is £30 and for those wishing to display up to 30 images the annual fee is £50.
Simply log on to the website by clicking login at the bottom left-hand side of the home page at www.hvaf.org.uk, and enter your username and password to take advantage of any of these options.


Over the coming months we will be developing areas on the site (eg details opportunities we wish to pass on to HVAF members) that will only be accessible to members;by logging in with their username and password.
So to be prepared for this, if you have forgotten your username and password, or need some assistance with loading your own Gallery page please email Jude Fung support@hvaf.org.uk, or Linda Warminger openstudios@hvaf.org.uk.