Molewood Arts

Molewood Arts

A new gallery in town, and a bit of art for every budget and taste.

Against the current national trend of cuts, closures and complaints, the recent opening of a new art gallery in Hertford promises to be a new and exciting window of opportunities for Hertfordshire artists, as Denise Bowser discovers ...

Opening day

Owned by couple Marion and Chris Hewitt, Molewood Arts opened its doors  on  4th Dec  2010, just in time to catch the first flow of Christmas shoppers. “The response from the Saturday opening was absolutely overwhelming”, said Marion. “ We thought the recent wave of cold weather would put people off but we were in fact packed with visitors from beginning to end, 11am until 4pm”, remarked Chris.

Artists themselves and now proud gallery owners, Marion and Chris “hope that the enthusiasm of the 4th Dec will continue”, they commented, as they see their venture as a valuable addition to the already thriving arts scene in Hertford.  To consolidate the place in their local art world the Hewitts will also work in close partnership with other county art venues such as Courtyard Arts, The Gallery of Hertfordshire Graphics and The Hertford Arts Society.


After running a graphic design consultancy from Molewood Lodge for over 12 years , Marion and Chris decided to look for creative ways to expand their business. “Eventually we decided to use our passion for art to enhance our existing business”, remembers Marion. “With the artworks on display in part of the design studio space, we see the two initiatives working together as one”,  points out Chris.

Pieces and Prices

Variety is the name of the game, when it comes to prices and what is on offer.  Ranging from oil paintings and watercolours, drawings and sculpture, including also glass and ceramics to jewellery, it becomes difficult to think of this gallery not being able to please any and all visitors, somehow. Pricewise, the concept is the same with pieces of jewellery starting at a mere £22, ceramics at £30  and unframed artworks at £35.

Behind the scene, pieces and artworks will be provided by a permanent group of 13 artists who will be able to use the gallery space for about two months, when they will then give way to another group of exhibitors to again show a diverse range of works.

The gallery is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 4pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 4pm.

Where to find them

Molewood Arts is located at:

Molewood Lodge, Molewood Road, Hertford SG14 3LT

For more information please contact tel: 01992 504560 / 07977 203012