Kingsbury Barn Exhibition

A few quotes from our visitors book:

"Kingsbury Barn" Susan Llewelyn-Elvidge

 "Wonderful and Diverse" 

"The variety and standard is very impressive"

"Excellent mix - beautifully hung"

"Delightful, wonderful exhibits and demonstrations in lovely surrounding"

"Beautiful exhibition with some really fantastic work - such a high standard".

Mel Hilbrown reported to the AGM of the success of HVAFs first major exhibition for some years which was held at Kingsbury Barn in June. 

The event generated £5,800 of sales for artists and achieved over 1500 visitors.

The impressive nature of the venue and of the work on display reinforced the quality image we would like to portray for members. Special thanks are due to all who put extra effort into this event to ensure its success, but particularly to Susan Llewelyn Elvidge, John Spielman and Linda Warminger.


 To see an album of photos from the exhibition visit:


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