HVAF Newsletter December 2010

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Following the resignation of our volunteer Newsletter Editor, it's several months since our last issue. The committee are keen to have a monthly newsletter.  This means you'll have timely news of events and opportunities without being bombarded by several emails throughout the month.

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HVAF Gallery

We are pleased to advise that the GALLERY Options on the HVAF website have been improved.

Kingsbury Barn Exhibition

A few quotes from our visitors book:

"Kingsbury Barn" Susan Llewelyn-Elvidge

 "Wonderful and Diverse" 

"The variety and standard is very impressive"

"Excellent mix - beautifully hung"

"Delightful, wonderful exhibits and demonstrations in lovely surrounding"

"Beautiful exhibition with some really fantastic work - such a high standard".

Open Studios 2010

Another successful year with 195 artists participating across the county and an estimated 11,000+ visitors.

Workshops & Classes

Recently introduced to benefit members was the creation of a downloadable summary of Workshops & Classes offered by HVAF Members (currently residing on the website homepage).

Belinda's Bash

by Belinda Naylor-Stables MA Design

Creative Planning

You go on a course and a quote sticks with you. One such quote is Faith Popcorn's 'Assumption is the mother of all f**kups'. I know not everyone will appreciate the language but it's a useful reminder most of the time. And talking of time, it seems to me that Time itself is one of those areas where we all make sweeping assumptions - for ourselves and other people. In this article I show that if we just let go of standard time assumptions we can tweak time to our benefit...

Molewood Arts

A new gallery in town, and a bit of art for every budget and taste.

Against the current national trend of cuts, closures and complaints, the recent opening of a new art gallery in Hertford promises to be a new and exciting window of opportunities for Hertfordshire artists, as Denise Bowser discovers ...


MANY thanks to all HVAF artists who contributed news.  The next issue will be circulated on 1 February.  Copy deadline 20 January 2011.