What's next for Renos

AS Renos Lavithis steps down as Editor of the HVAF newsletter, we take a look at where Renos has been, and where Renos is going...

Renos started out as Deputy Editor, assisting retired advertising man David Newton in his St Albans basement studio. He became Editor of the HVAF Newsletter in 2005. As Editor, Renos saw HVAF go through various stages of change.

"I tried over these years to provide a good balance of thoughts, activities and information which I hope I managed to achieve within the very restrictive financial budget," said Renos.

"Within a very restricted space, I tried to balance important written information together with images and colour for added visual impact."

Taking on the role again of Deputy Editor, Renos added: "The electronic newsletter will not replace the traditional printed item and the pleasure of reading it, but without doubt it cuts down on production and mailing costs. More importantly, it provides the opportunity for more information, stories, photographs and regular updates, benefiting not just members but a wider audience."

With more time to now focus on producing work, Renos is currently working on London Project, retracing his footsteps as a retouching artist at the Daily Mail, to record through drawing familiar areas including Fleet Street, Blackfriars, The Embankment, Middle Temple, The Thames and St Pauls.

Starting with drawings of Fleet Street pubs, it is a project that will develop into a series of watercolours and oils. Renos also plans to tread new ground producing portraits in paint.

Photos: (above) City Money by Renos Lavithis, currently on show at Finchley Art Society and (right) The River Thames and St Pauls

There's more on Renos at www.renosart.co.uk