Back to School - Teresa Newham invited to judge Year Five photo competition, and our December Postcard from Connie Flynn in Shetland.

When Manland Primary School in Harpenden asked local artists to give a short talk to their pupils during their Art Week back in September, Teresa Newham went along to show Year Five some of her work.  She was delighted to be asked back a couple of months later to judge the class photo competition, subject ‘Autumn Colour’.  All the photos were of an extremely high standard; the winner was an atmospheric landscape, taken by a young man who had got up early to take advantage of the morning light, and had captured some wonderful grasses in the foreground, as well as mist and trees!


Teresa had also been asked to do a  watercolour demo which the children could follow:  she took along some holly from her garden,  and asked the class to make a painting using just red and green,  with the holly as inspiration. Using a visualiser and a microphone headpiece, she encouraged them to try a variety of techniques: wet-in-wet, lifting out, glazing, dry brushwork, spattering;  this resulted in some very nice contrasts of colour and approach.

“The children were most enthusiastic,” says Teresa,  “they produced some wonderful work and I hope they continue to enjoy painting and taking photos.  There are definitely some budding artists and photographers in Year Five!”


Photos & credits:
Photo competition - Teresa Newham
Teresa Newham Demo - David Lyness
Pupil work 1 - David Lyness
Pupil work 2 - Teresa Newham



HVA Member Connie Flynn records her experiences whilst studying for a degree in Contemporary Textiles in Shetland via a monthly 'Postcard'.


Photograph by Connie Flynn
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