Linda Warminger

Welcome to the April 2015 edition of the Herts Visual Arts Newsletter.  A variety of interesting Opportunities have crossed my desk this month, and I thought it would be useful to remind members how to amend the frequency with which they receive our automated email alerts.

Our website program automatically sends you an email alert as soon as opportunities and news and exhibitions are loaded to the HVAF website.   If you prefer to receive these as a weekly or monthly summary login to the website and update your preferences at  If daily is too much for you then weekly is probably best – to ensure that you do not miss some of the tight deadlines.  You are in complete control of these settings and can change them, at any time, by logging in to your MyHVA page - notifications is the last on the list of Member details links.

Welcome to the following new members who joined Herts Visual Arts during March:Caroline Harris, Angela Filby, Brenda Kirk, Annie Brash Kelvin, Tamsin Johnson, Samantha Terry, Claire Waite, David Harris, Mary Macsweeney, Paul Lambeth, Susan Chester, Nick   Wonham, Susan Coussens, Frances Greenough, Diane Feeley, Jean Lynch, Fiona Hawkins, Amy Wilson, Kate Buchanan, Jeannelise Edelsten, Adele Jackson, Lucy Crabtree and Kate Windibank many of whom we will meet during Herts Open Studios 2015.