April 2014


Welcome to the April 2014 edition of the Herts Visual Arts Newsletter. 

Forthcoming HVA Events

Due to overwhelming demand, we are re-running the Getting the most out of Social Media event on Wednesday 7 May. 


Work by Melodie Cook selected for The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition, Fiona Gaskell reports on the success of HVA participants at the Harpenden Art, Craft & Antiques Fair.  And our monthly Postcard from Connie Flynn in Shetland...

Featured Artist: Liz Sergeant

Bubbling over with enthusiasm for art of many kinds, Liz Sergeant is a socially engaged, performance artist as well as an accomplished painter of landscapes and abstracts. As well as selling her work, she makes a part-time living as a freelance artist working on projects with schools and winning Arts Council funding for innovative projects. There is a strong emphasis on team working in her CV, and she loves creating art projects in collaboration with other artists. Fiona Gaskell explores how she got to where she is now, and finds out what it means to be a socially engaged, performance artist.

Jo's Web Wizardry

In this monthly column, I often hail the many advantages of using the internet to promote one’s work, but this month I consider some of the risks of placing your artwork online, and explore the legal side of online copyright, should the worst happen.

Belinda's Bash

Thinking outside the cat flap

‘Thinking outside the box’ doesn’t give you a context. Whereas, thinking outside the cat flap gives you all the agility of a cat on familiar territory… with the reassuring ability to nip back in for home comforts if required.