Welcome to the April 2013 issue of the Herts Visual Arts Newsletter.  

A busy time of year with the deadline for Open Studios Applications and preparation for our forthcoming exhibition at Harpenden Public Halls.  For April our immediate focus is on the forthcoming lecture by Louis Thompson and our presence at Living Crafts in early May.

Welcome to the following new members who have joined HVA during March: Christopher Groombridge, Suman Gujral, Angela Bull, Pat Orza, Anne Kelly-Swan, Shirley Barker, Vikki Chapman, Jenny Hoole, Natalie Tobert, Sharon Struckman, Tony Francis, Kay Moore, Robert Naylor-Stables, Sophie Cordery, Karen Pollak, Terence Taylor, Garry Cooper, Rosemary Burnett, Verene Lack,  Fleur Oakes, Antonia MacTavish, Siobhan Doran, Freda Lade-Ajumobi, Lisa Freeman, Ruth Parker, Michael Button, Sylvie Borel & Faye Mawhood.  We hope you can join us for Louis Thompson's talk at the University of Hertfordshire on 25 April.