Jo's Web Wizardry

Jo Atherton

Why should I join Facebook? That’s the question I’ll be tackling this month. Facebook isn’t just for the younger generation to discuss the latest episode of X Factor. It’s also proving to be a great communication channel for artists too.

I’m a Potter, and at times I find this to be a very solitary pursuit, as I imagine is the case for many artists. However, when I stop for my morning coffee, I only need log into Facebook, and immediately I am connected to a great number of other potters I have added as my ‘friends’, all in the same situation as me.

I have made some great friends online, (some of whom I’ll probably never meet), but Facebook has enabled me to connect with a fabulous community of artists from a variety of backgrounds, ages and countries, all willing to share their skills, latest work and business tips. It also allows me to obtain immediate feedback on my artwork, simply by sharing a photo and asking for comment, and of course, the opportunity to return the favour.

I’ve also been able to establish friendships with other Herts Visual Arts members, that otherwise would rely on chance meetings at events. I can’t stress how useful these contacts are, especially when sharing information on material suppliers or exhibition opportunites within Hertfordshire. It’s also lovely to make contact with people doing the same as you within the county.

This is something Herts Visual Arts are nurturing through their own Facebook Page. It’s a community page for members to share news of opportunities and exhibitions, and also start a conversation - a place to share details of your activities, ask questions, post your photos and connect with other HVA members.

As with many things, you get out what you put in, and Facebook is no different. Its your chance to keep your audience up to date with what you’re working on, or share your inspirations. Enjoy writing posts which reflect your personality, for people to get to know the person behind the artwork. You’ll be surprised how friendly and supportive your fellow artists are.

So, if you decide to join Facebook, you can add me as a friend, ‘like’ the HVA Page and join the conversation!

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