Welcome to the April edition. Interesting interviews this month with two of our committee members, and our usual round up of news and events.

Welcome also to the following new members who joined HVA in March:

Samantha Queen, Ella Carty, Sasha Leech, Sarah Crickmore, Alison Ellis, Denise Purdy, Kim Logan, Beatrice Bellerby, Patsy Geraghty, Gordon Shaw, Lorna Brown, Malcolm Brown, Podi Lawrence, Ruta Bartkeviciute, Stuart Harris, Carole Niven, Jayne Beckett, Ionna Misdrakou, John Egglesfield, Judy Haggar, Kimbal Bumstead, Gabriele Smolarz, Ann Engel, Julie Wrathall, Hercules Fisherman, Anna Knights, Emma Franc, Val Stephenson, Andy Bishop, Caroline Bloomer, Janet Nadimi, Jean-Pierre Roffi, Paul Watkins, Joy Weyman-Jones, Andrea Wall, Neil Proctor, Liz Rogers, Chrissie Richards and Catherine Gearing. 

We are currently looking for additional newsletter writers to cover the holiday period - if you are interested in the role on a regular or ad hoc basis please do get in touch.

Plans are underway for an HVA Exhibition at Harpenden Public Halls 1st & 2nd September 2012 which should be a good platform to launch Herts Opens Studios.  Members who are not participating in OS will also be eligible to enter work.  Further details to follow shortly.

After Easter, Open Studios Applicants will be emailed their first proof (Web Proof) for checking, before the details are passed on to our designer.

In the meantime I am looking forward to the lecture in a couple of weeks - Tuesday 17th April - and hope to see many of you there.