Diary Dates

DON'T forget to make a note in your diary for the next HVAF meeting at the University of Hertfordshire on Wednesday 28 April at 7.30pm when Professor Ken Howard will be talking about the various stages of his career.

For painters, you'll find here the 2010 schedule for INDIGO meetings...

Thursday 29 April - Sue Sanders at Norton Davey, Burrs Lane, Barkway - Afternoon.

Thursday 27 May - Rikki Harcourt at The Clock House, Gosmore, Hitchin – Evening.

Thursday 17June - Gill Flack at St Mary House, Everton Road, The Heath, Near Sandy, Beds. 12 noon for a picnic and swim in pool.

Thursday 15 July - Lotte Farnham to arrange a trip to the Henry Moore Foundation – Afternoon.