Exhibitions at The Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead

The Common by Jenny Thorburn

An exhibition of woodcut prints, drawings, maps and collages by a Berkhamsted artist. This work has been created by walking and exploring Berkhamsted Common (part of the Ashridge estate), mapping its historical features and sitting out in the woods drawing individual trees. The work is inspired by the past stories and present form of the Common and celebrates its continued importance to the local community. The Commons were an important community resource in pre-industrial times, providing food and fuel. Where they remain, they are an equally important resource for our urban society in providing us with freely accessible places to be with nature.   

Monday 5 February - Friday 2 March 2018


Wildlife Portraits by Chris Shelley

Chris is a locally based photographer who for much of his career was a cameraman on film and TV productions. In recent years, e has concentrated on stills photography, with an emphasis on wildlife and landscape. 
This Exhibition will feature some of his favourite examples of animal portraiture. In these he has tried to capture the unique quality of his subjects, and hopefully provide an insight into their character. At best, a good photograph can allow us to appreciate at leisure the wonder of our fellow creatures, and why we must strive to preserve them for the future. 
Monday 5 March – Friday 6 April 2018

Waxing Lyrical by Rachel Todd

Encaustic wax is a technique that was used by the Egyptians and involves applying molten encausticwax to paper using a variety of tools. A hot iron, hot stylus or a heat gun are used to manipulate the wax into a landscape or abstract design. Rachel first came upon encaustic wax 2 years ago after seeing artist, Julie Wrathall, at an Open Studios event and her curiosity on the subject led her to attend evening classes where she mastered her technique.

Monday 9 April – Friday 4 May 2018


Our address is: The Old Town Hall, High Street, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 3AE

The venue is located in the Old Town which is north of the new town centre and a map can be seen via Google Maps