PAINTING - Private Tuition

By Sharon Cohen who specialises in Art GCSE, A Level & portfolio support.

One of the most important characteristics of Art is self-expression – discovering and communicating your ideas and feelings, through visual forms – responding to who you are and to what you see. This is what takes place in class, in a warm, comfortable, non-judgemental and relaxed environment, where your artistic skills are able to surface and develop. Most of all, this is a fun and happy experience!
Classes are spent learning, exploring and practising a variety of drawing and painting techniques using a mixture of materials, such as pencils, pastels, charcoal, collage and paints. You create expressive pieces of artwork which may be realistic and well-proportioned observational studies or wildly abstract and spontaneous.
The first art experience you will have is an introductory session in which we exchange ideas about art and decide together the content of subsequent classes, depending upon individuals’ needs.
ART PARTIES can also be arranged, which usually involves a fun ‘arty’ activity, based upon personal themes such as birthdays, festivities or favourite hobbies.

Classes take place in my home or at clients’ houses and run for one hour (unless otherwise discussed), and all materials are included.
One hour Introductory Class: £40
Individual Class: £30 Joint Class: £50 (£25 each)
Group Classes/Workshops/Children’s’ Party Art Activity: Negotiable depending on number of adults or children.
Mobile: 07956 67111