Creative Life Drawing St Albans

Whether you're a beginner to life drawing, returning after a break or someone who loves to draw, come and join our creative figure drawing classes. All welcome!  

Venue: the Maltings Arts Theatre Cost: £10 adults £5 students

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Come and join us at our Creative Life Drawing in St Albans. The models are all costumed, so there are no nudes and each session is ‘themed’. This means the models dress as characters for each theme, e.g., 1970’s disco dancers, circus performers or even post-apocalypse vigilantes! There is background music with a playlist to match the mood for each theme along with theatrical props to create an immersive drawing environment.  We meet at the Maltings Arts Theatre in central St Albans, next door to the library. The car park* is by the venue, which makes us very accessible.

Come along and enjoy a couple of hours immersed in a world of creativity.
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*Car park charges are £1 for the whole day on Sundays.