Art is another language for describing something...

Descriptions do not have to be in words. Lines, textures and colour speak faster than words to convey qualities like form, temperature, chaos and cohesion; or emotions like hate, discord – or love and harmony.

Whatever we say in words can be conveyed in the lines and shapes of an artwork. It’s a different sort of  shorthand. Not necessarily quicker to create – but often quicker to read through. (Though not out loud.) And if it's really good you can keep dipping into it to find out more.

Simple images that last a few seconds or maybe only a second can stop you in your tracks. The way a shadow splits a white dove in half, or the way the sun's rays create a wall in a wood. You can immortalise them in an image.

Sometimes it’s not easy to explain what you see when you notice a man and woman arguing on a street, or a little boy in tears, or a smiling girl leaning out from an open window or a sun-dappled stone wall. Interpretation through any tangible art form - a painting, textile, sculpture, ceramic piece, jewelry or glass - can translate that moment of alarm or delight into something tangible and lasting. Then it becomes a statement.

Through art you can get beyond the object to the feeling of it.

So what have you described lately?