Open Studios 2013

September 6th – 28th

Now in its 23rd year, 25,000 printed brochures listing the venues have been distributed in libraries, galleries and other outlets across the county. Yet, surprisingly there are still people who have never heard of Open Studios. It’s a time when Hertfordshire’s established, emerging and amateur artists open their doors to the public. Artists show a wide range of work – and visitors can buy if they want to. It’s an opportunity to talk to artists in their own creative settings, own a piece of original artwork, or buy that special gift such as jewellery or collectibles. Many artists and makers welcome commissions.

***Additional dates to those published for for Studio 78c - Christine Watson - Sat 21 & Sun 22 September ***

Click on brochure above to download a PDF of the complete brochure or simply select by area.  Plan your trail to get the most out of these three glorious weeks of art on your doorstep!