Art groups applying for Open Studios 2018

New for 2018, we’re delighted to add this latest option for Open Studios participation. Established groups can take part for the same rate as an individual artist, subject to additional participation rules.

Who can take part in this special group rate?

Active art classes or therapy groups established prior to 31st September 2017, and in active operation since the qualificiation date and throughout 2018.

Who cannot take part in this special group rate?

Art studios, or groups of individual artists who otherwise operate individually. It also does not apply to Art Societies, Art Galleries, shops or similar businesses.

What does established mean?

The group/class must have been operational with regular meetings, with a membership of at least 5 participants.  HVAF must be able to clearly see that you are an operational group that meets the group criteria. Please check our terms and conditions before signing up. We recommend that you provide evidence to HVAF prior to registration.

How can we take part?

The group leader must be registered as an individual Herts Visual Arts member in the usual way.  The leader then applies for Open Studios as an individual, paying a single fee and entitled to a single entry/image in the Open Studios Brochure. Where the leader runs more than one group, they can apply/pay for multiple classes/groups at different locations. For example, if classes are run in, say Letchworth and Watford, separate entries would be justified for each class. The OS brochure entry/image must represent the group, not showcase a group leader.

Why take part?

Herts Open Studios provides an amazing opportunity for group members to work together and gain invaluable confidence and experience in all aspects of showing their work, supported by their group leader.

How can a group/class take part in Open Studios?

You’ll need to find a space to use, decide when, how and what you want to show, in the same way as any other Open Studios participant.  The prime reason for this special class, however, is to offer class/group members an opportunity to show their work and engage with an audience. 

The exhibition, studio or other event must offer equal opportunity to all class members, without favour and without bias towards the group/class leader. Whether you are an artist who delivers art classes, a therapy or other group leader, this Open Studios should showcase work by students or group members, not the leader.

The work on show may have been created during classes/meetings, as a result of classes/meetings, it may be created by individuals, collectivley or collaborativly by the group.

Evidence required (in addition to standard Open Studios information requirements)

-        Name of the group/class

-        Name of the group/class leader

-        Type or purpose of group/class

-        Date of start-up (approximate if prior to 2017)

-        Web site, facebook or other public information sources

-        Details of membership/participation

-        Class/group dates