Creative Genie

Social media update!   This year for Open Studios, in addition to our new website, we incorporated some paid advertising on Facebook. The results were great!  We created a couple of video’s using images supplied by our members. We reached 11,700 people with our promo video and 3,920 with our halfway-through video, making sharing and publicising our event really easy!

The number of ‘likes’ on our Herts Visual Arts Facebook page has grown too! We have over 100 new followers, so we now have almost 1100 people seeing our content in their newsfeed.

It’s been wonderful on Facebook, thanks to all of you for making it feel so vibrant and full of personality and creativity!

To update on our new website, we have 19,000 page views for September too!

It’s all going in the right direction! With Open Studios over for this Summer, we are already looking towards next year, and really looking forward to receiving your feedback. Of course, we are here all year round to share and promote your events, workshops, and exhibitions, so let’s keep up the momentum!

Kelly Pedlar