Herts Open Studios 2016

Thank you to everyone who completed the Open Studios questionnaires and surveys in the last month.  We have received a lot of positive comments and constructive suggestions for the future and will be reviewing all the information over the next couple of weeks. 

Sadly several of the area co-ordinators have decided to stand down and won’t be taking on the role going forward, so we have vacancies in the following areas: Barnet, Dacorum, St Albans and Welwyn/Hatfield.  These are important (voluntary) jobs and play a major part in supporting the artists for Open Studios.  If you live in one of these are areas and are interested in learning more about the requirements of the role, please contact either your current area co-ordinator or me.

All the area co-ordinators have done an outstanding job this year in supporting the artists (and me) and many of the positive comments in the feedback reflect this - “Area co-ordination is fantastic….” is a direct quote from the questionnaire.  On behalf of everyone involved with Open Studios I would like to thank all the volunteers who work so hard every year and without whom Open Studios couldn’t happen.

Finally I would like to leave you with a small selection of quotes from the feedback which indicate the benefits of taking part in Open Studios. What was the best thing about Open Studios….?

"Got me doing new work"

"Seeing all my work for the year on display in one place, to get an idea of progress and direction going forward."

"Having 29 visitors in one day!"

"The interest of the people in the art. I think that seeing the work is the main purpose, rather than trying to sell!"

"Huge enthusiasm from our visitors to watch demos and learn about new techniques. A lot of our visitors painted in watercolour or did printing and had come specifically because of the mediums we both used."

"I met some lovely people who were very interested to see the studio. I think I made some good contacts for future sales."

"Positive feedback I received about my work."


Here’s to the next Open Studios!