Creative Genie

New member benefits!

Really pleased to announce that our members now have space for 15 images on their Gallery pages. This is an upgrade from the previous 3 images, and we hope that this gives you much more scope to show your work!

Please find below a link to a Youtube video made especially for members, going through how to upload your images, and some other useful bits too. I've tried to keep it short! Do let me know if you find it useful, there is scope for more, and it seems an effective time efficient way of sharing information!

Also, we have created a Private Members group over on Facebook. It will be only for current members, and provides a place for us to connect, chat behind the scenes, share information, and get to know each other a bit. Some of you have already joined - brilliant - here's the link below. This is in addition to our usual Facebook page, which since Open Studios now has over 1100 people!