This year is rushing by already, brought home to me as I juggle HVAF organisation/development, my own bookings at art fairs and my day job.  While nursing a sore throat recently, I had a few moments to reflect on last year and plan for this year.

Some of you will know that I set myself the (ambitious, as it happens) target of visiting every Open Studios last September.  I got more than half-way, but a few things thwarted my ambition (quite apart from my car breaking down, nothing to do with OS). My main barrier came down to the number of studios open in a particular area on any day.  I appreciate that we all have busy lives and different priorities, but as Open Studios edges closer, I ask you to consider how you can coordinate with other members in your area.  

I have to say though, each and every visit I managed was inspirational so I’m looking forward to this year – starting with the people I missed in 2017. Perhaps in 2018 I’ll manage to meet almost all of our members?

While renewals, our Showcase, Fair, Open Studios and other events may seem a good few weeks away, please remember that our volunteers fit preparation in around their day jobs. Prompt renewals, signups or checking booking information all really help our amazing volunteers do an even better job on your behalf.  Please take a moment to give them a cheer. 


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Emails vs luncheon meat

It’s always worth being vigilant about the emails we receive.  To make sure you get your newsletters and other important HVAF emails, you might want to periodically check your spam folders in-case they’ve been wrongly diverted.  Email systems also allow you to white-list or mark certain senders as ‘safe’.

On the other hand, remember not to click or download attachments from sources you don’t recognise. There are some well-known dodgy but official-looking emails in circulation, but it still pays to be cautious.  Even though our database is secure, if in doubt, please check first.

HVAF Bequest

With some sadness I have to report the passing of a previous Chair, Mike Willison, last year.  A keen art collector and supporter of the arts, Mike maintained a watching interest in HVAF for many years after he’d retired from his role as Chair. Many of you will know Mike and also know of his extensive art collection, something he was always keen to share with others. I was amazed to also discover that he had kindly remembered HVAF in his will, with a generous bequest for ‘equipment’.  We are now looking at how best to develop our assets and invest in our future for the good of our artist members. I just wish I could thank Mike for his generosity.

Herts Art Collection

Some of you may know that Herts County Council have an art collection. Did you know that they are now in consultation about disposing of a large proportion of it? Some parts of the consultation are now closed, but you can find out more here

Harpenden Sports and Leisure developments

Did you know that there’s been public consultation and now a planning application for updating Culture and Sports facilities in Harpenden? There’s specific planning application now live and in consultation. Reference 5/2018/0157 on the St Albans planning Portal.

Planning Portal link: