June 2016


Welcome to the June issue of the HVA newsletter.  Copy and articles for our combined July/August (Summer Edition) should be submitted by the July 12th please.   Our AGM takes place on Monday 13th June, a link to papers will be emailed to members under separate cover.

Herts Open Studios 2016

Apologies for the delay in getting the Open Studios print proof to participating artists, but you should have received it by now.  If you haven’t please let me know as soon as possible.


Really excited to update you all at the moment. Final designs for the website are approved, and we're looking forward to a launch date early in August - ahead of Open Studios. The new website is looking great, with new social media and a simple design, which means your artwork looks very nice too!

The People on the Bus

Belinda Naylor-Stables brings us a story that evolved from looking at the picture ‘The Bus’ (1929) by Frida Kahlo. The picture shows a row of people sitting in the bus. Behind them there is a factory with puffs of smoke from tall chimneys and a straight road rises up a hill into the distance.


New ceramics community at Digswell Art Trust, Letchworth, work by HVA members selected for 'From the Earth' Exhibition, and Maria Luisa-Wilkins wins The Hertford Art Show Mayor's Prize for 3D Best of Show.

Creative Digest

You may not be able to paint without listening to Radio 4, or perhaps the start to your creative day begins with a particular blend of coffee in your favourite mug. We all have rituals and eccentricities which help to motivate and avoid procrastination, but inevitably Creative Block can and does strike from time to time. This month’s Creative Digest takes a look at a selection of blog posts which are packed with advice, tips and suggestions to help avoid this most demoralising of forces.