Work by HVA Members, Dawn DominicHazel Godfrey and Paul Rowbottom can be found this July/August in the grounds of the Knebworth Garden Sculpture Trail.  Led by Sharon Korek, the HVA tent at Living Crafts 2016 took on a new format this year.  Our St. Albans & Harpenden groups represent HVA at the Alban Festival and Larks in the Parks activities, and the Textile Group prepares for its forthcoming exhibition at Hertford Theatre.


'Greeters', Dawn Dominic

Dawn’s primary inspiration centres on physical, emotional and perceptional changes in women over time, utilising insights gained from a customer focussed career, and an ongoing transitional journey. Dawn fashions a wide range of natural, man-made and recycled materials into new artwork. She is a member of HVA, APC and ESA and shows/demonstrates at local exhibitions.

'Willow Towers', Hazel Godfrey

"The work I make is firmly located in my exploration and experience of nature and our relationship with the land. I use an ancient but familiar weaving material to make sculptural work that often has a strong connection to the garden. The techniques I use are both traditional and contemporary and I enjoy that journey from the past to the present.” Hazel Godfrey

"This work of unadorned simplicity, combining limestone from the Jurassic coast and forged iron, takes the ancient symbol of eternity and suggests a paradoxical state of gravity ‘defying’ yet earth bound stone at the interface of the temporal world; anchored yet supported by forged iron. A boundless form in precarious equilibrium." Paul Rowbottom

'Celtic Connection', Paul Rowbottom

Interactive Sculpture Trail Map.

Knebworth House, Knebworth  SatNav SG1 2AX


Led by Sharon Korek, the HVA tent at Living Crafts took on a new format this year, with a mixed groups of artists on each of the days of the event. This proved to be very popular with the visitors to the HVA tent, who enjoyed the demonstrations, got a clearer idea of who we are and that Open Studios is a date for the diary!

"Each group of artists also enjoyed meeting colleagues from different disciplines, chatting and learning something about each other’s work. The atmosphere in the tent was very jolly and of course the weather was terrific.

The ‘new’ tent had two walls that were windows and this made it very light and airy inside and enabled visitors to see what we were up to from outside and so were encouraged to come inside.

I think sales were fairly modest, but that seemed to be the general opinion from other veteran stall holders at the event, but I am delighted to say that this did not dampen the spirits of HVA members who focussed more on the opportunity the event had provided to meet HVA artists in other areas of art. There seemed to be a camaraderie created and new friendships made which I hope will continue in the future." Sharon Korek


For the members of the HVA Textile Group the idea of an exhibition using the social history of Hertfordshire as their subject was an exciting opportunity to celebrate both the diversity of the county and the many textile techniques practised by the group.  
The ivy clad hidden cloisters and the Rose Gardens in Bushey, hidden charms found within the fabric of old buildings, Roman roads and a medieval cure for smallpox all reference the rich social history of the county.  The architecture and history of St. Albans Cathedral provide inspiration alongside the more humble growth of Stanstead Abbots charted through its roof tops.

by Marian Murphy

One member is looking at Where's Ware, her childhood hometown, another, a twin,  is examining the history of her birthplace, Hertford Hospital and notorious twins from the area.  An insight into Hertfordshire’s commercial past is provided by researching the prosperous medieval wool trade.

Others use a more contemporary approach by examining the leisure time of young people in Hemel Hempstead,  looking at  a Welwyn based charity,  Recover, that aims to help people to recover from life difficulties.  Hertfordshire’s recent Year of Mental Health (2015),  along with mental health concerns and the value of meditation prove inspirational.  

The HVA Textile Group is a lively group of artists  using  varied textile techniques  including weaving, felting, stitch, machine embroidery, dying and patchwork in contemporary and often unexpected ways.