Herts Visual Arts Members Conference 2018

At a new venue in Hatfield, some 50 members took part this year – it was again a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and think about what they want from the year ahead.  We know several member-led informal meetups and other collaborations are in the pipe-line as a result.  Participants also shared a sneak preview of our new image, branding graphics and Herts Visual Arts continuing growth into a place of opportunity for our members, where we can connect with other artists and our audiences.

‘More creativity, more fun, more buzz, more laughter in our lives’  

Time and time again our volunteers confirm they gain so much from being part of one of our event or organising teams. Whether it’s new friendships, the experience and elation of staging successful events, learning new skills, or putting existing skills to use.  If you’d like to grow and help Herts Visual Arts grow too, every contribution, large or small, is very welcome, so please do get in touch.