Creative Genie Marketing & Social Media

Hope you like the new newsletter format! 

As well as taking care of our Social Media, I will be putting together the Newsletter moving forward. We decided to use Mailchimp, because it has lots of benefits, such as being able to track traffic to the main website and social media accounts. The Newsletter still has the features that members need, such as the Opportunities page, and latest Exhibitions and Events.

Each month, you can expect articles from me as Creative Genie, which is usually on the subject of Marketing and Social Media. Lucinda, our Open Studios Project Manager, will be keeping you all up to date on things, and Hillary Taylor our Vice-Chair will be writing too. 

As always, please let me know of anything you would like to include in the next newsletter, exhibitions, news articles, opportunities throughout the month.

Newsletter is published on the 1st of each month.

Would like to say a huge thankyou to Sally Taylor, she has taken over our Twitter account! You can Tweet us @HVAF 

Here's a video made especially for HVA members to show you where what we are doing on social media and how to get involved!

Have a great month! 


Creative Genie