3rd Annual Exhibition of The Plein Air Brotherhood

'Reflected Light, Mousehole', Karl Terry

A&K Wilson Gallery, 11 Station Approach, Harpenden AL5 4SP

The exhibition opens with a drinks reception on Sun 27 Oct (11-2) and runs to Sat 9 Nov 2013.  (Opening Hours: Tues & Wed / Fri & Sat 10-5.30).

‘En plein air’ is the term used to describe painting outside. It is French and means 'in the open air'. Painting en plein air presents the artist with a unique set of challenges. Light changes constantly, altering the subject hour by hour, minute by minute. Clouds can plunge a scene into darkness. Sunlight throws a figure into sharp relief. Tides rise and fall. People come and go. The plein air painter must seize upon these moments - distilling from this evolving scene a permanent record of time and place.

Fate has decreed that at present there is a crop of ‘young’ plein air painters all in their mid- 30s to mid-40s who have formed a bond of camaraderie and mutual support.

Membership of this ‘band of brothers’ is by organic friendship, not committee or selection panel and consists of Adebanji Alade, Antony Bridge, Roy Connelly, John Dobbs, David Pilgrim and Karl Terry. 

They return for their 3rd exhibition at A&K Wilson Gallery in Harpenden.