'Momentum' 16 Nov 2012 - 26 Jan 2013

A touring exhibition of contemporary craft and applied art by eight groundbreaking UK artists.  Selected through their shared passion for new technologies.  Momentum explores how these technologies can help the artists to express their thoughts and feelings.

The exhibition acknowledges the ways in which artists today are choosing to work, embracing the 'Information Age' which has opened up new opportunities for making and communicating.

Featured artists:

Vanessa Cutler, Beate Gegenwart, Antje Illner, Geoffrey Mann, Justin Marshall, Jenny Smith, Cathy Treadaway and Jayne Wallace.

Visitors to Momentum will be intrigued by the complex designs and craftsmanship in the exhibits, many of which are interactive with their audience.  Jayne Wallace has created digital silver lockets inspired by memories.  The onlooker can take a photograph with the attached digital cameras and the image will then pass to the locket, appearing for pre-programmed lengths of time before disappearing.

Exhibitor and curator of the Momentum exhibition, Beate Gegenwart, applies laser cutting technology to her work.  Influenced by the visual patterns and compositions of the Parisian arcades and the writings of Walter Benjamin, Gegenwart has explored intricate mark-making to design her striking stainless steel and enamel wall panels.

Cathy Treadaway presents us with intriguing wall pieces that on first glance appear to be ceramic but are in fact built up from layer upon layer of starch.  Using Freeform (r) software, scanning and 3D digital printing, these works represent a personal expression and poetic translation of sound into surface texture.  The exhibition highlights what an exciting time it is to be an artist - to engage with digital technologies.  As Wallace states 'there is not rule book and we are pioneering new ground'.

University of Hertfordshire, Art and Design Gallery, College Lane Campus, Hatfield AL10 9AB
Open Mon-Sat 10.00am - 5.00pm, Sun 2.00pm - 5.00pm