'... Long Distance Travelled', Chris Seaber 11 April - 19 May 2013

at The Gallery at Parndon Mill, Off Elizabeth Way,HARLOW  CM20 2HP  Open Tues-Fri 10-5, Sun 2-4.01279 426042 - info@parndonmill.co.uk - www.parndonmill.co.uk

Paintings, drawings, collages, assemblages, constructions; the creative journey from observation to abstraction.

Since leaving the RCA in 1971 and in parallel with my teaching, I have continued to make paintings, drawings and associated works.

The starting point for these investigations has been as varied as the work produced. Something seen, heard, read or remembered can spark the initial engagement. The resulting body of work at times has been figurative but more often than not has resulted in collections of drawings and paintings far abstracted from the original source of engagement — but each group of works has been bound together by a consistent theme and over the years I have often returned to these themes.

I have never felt the need to be loyal to any particular medium but rather endeavour to find the right materials and format for the current body of work through constant testing and re-evaluation. I am interested in the creative journey and the examination and necessary fixing of the depiction of a vision or idea as it occurs. The experience between idea and realisation is, to me, an essential part of the creative process. Things occur along the creative journey and as in any journey the travelling is as important as the sought destination.

I am very interested in language and its engagement with my work — the titles of my pieces are an integrated part of the work.

Over the years I have undertaken a large amount of directed commissions but have always been able to find something in the demanded content of the work that has satisfied my creative process.

The majority of work here has had as its starting point the taut canvas sides, with applied and accidental marks, of intercontinental lorries seen in a car park in Belgium………

Chris Seaber