Fused Glass WIndows in the Chapel at The Lister Hospital

Tessa Verrecchia's fused glass windows installed in the Chapel at the Lister Hospital on 19 June 2013.

I was initially approached by the Rev. Jane Hatton (Team leader C. of E. Lister Hospital) in July 2012 with the possibility of making a 3 stained glass windows ( 150 x 35 cms each) for the new chapel at the Lister Hospital.

I was given the freedom to design and the tight budget suggested that I make them by using the fused glass technique and exclude any painting. This would be a more economical method.

I wanted a design that was inclusive of other faiths so that all would feel welcomed into the Chapel. I wished to get as much light and colour into the chapel as possible and the idea of a sunrise, symbolising hope and renewal, incorporating ”God is Love” discretely at the top of the windows was approved.

Originally the windows were needed by October 2012, but fund raising and refurbishment considerably extended this date and although they were complete by March 2013 they were not fixed until June 2013.

The windows were made with glass supplied by English Antique Glass (EAG) the last British company to manufacture hand blown glass. They were divided into 3 sections and fused in my large kiln. Although I was tempted to include some painted work  into the design this was not part of the brief.

Tessa Verrecchia and the Bishop of St. Albans

Dean Barnet fixed the windows on 1 June  and the Chapel was dedicated by the Bishop of St. Albans on 19 June.  The Chapel provides a refuge for any seeking calm and quiet within the busy Lister hospital.