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Two thought-provoking public lectures mark the launch of the Creative Economy Research Centre (CERC), a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence for research, and  business and social engagement, in the creative industries and the broader creative economy. Wednesday 26 November - 6.30pm
Lindop Building, University of Hertfordshire, AL10 9AB

War and Peace in a Bumper Car delivered by Professor Peter Richardson
The film industry has changed. Movies such as the multiple Oscar winning Gravity have shown that stunning films can be made in a virtual environment, without leaving the studio or even building a set. Visual Effects, the computer-generated processes used for building, manipulating and compositing photo-realistic live action and animated elements within a film, are now ubiquitous in the industry. Filmmakers are able to realise ever more ambitious projects bringing to life stories that could not have been told in previous decades. What are the challenges faced by todays filmmakers in this new era of technology led crafting? What does the future look like for one of the remaining human elements in this process the: Director?
The Stubborn Persistence of Inequalities in the UK Creative and Cultural Industries delivered by Professor Keith Randle
Minorities are underrepresented in the UK creative and cultural industries. Women are rare in senior positions and barely feature in some craft and technical occupations, while black and minority ethnic or disabled people often find the barriers to entry and progression impossible to overcome. These industries and occupations nevertheless have a thirst for talent, they are attractive to young people, have glamorous associations and are often featured in government policy as part of the new knowledge-based industries in which the UK is seen as leading and capable of replacing jobs lost in traditional manufacturing. Yet despite seemingly endless initiatives to lower entry barriers and increase representation, little impact appears to have been made on the narrow demographic profile of the workforce. How can we explain the stubborn persistence of these inequalities?
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