'Kre Art'

Kre-Art is a Thursday art group based at the YMCA and is part of Hertfordshire County Council’s Welwyn & Hatfield Day Services, offering support to adults with learning and physical disabilities. The exhibition at the New Maynard Gallery runs to 15 September 2013.

Why is the group called Kre-Art?
The members of the group chose to call their group Kre-Art after considering various options. The main inspiration was the Sunflower picture, a canvas created with work involving everyone who uses the service at every unit. Each petal of the sunflower was created by a different person.
About the exhibition
Encouragement and support for the art group was amazing and there was so much interest from people wishing to purchase some of the pictures that the group decided to expand the project and produce work connected to things they found of interest, for example scenes of London and African Animals. Over the weeks the group have learnt about different materials and techniques and how they can create different effects, using watercolour, chalk, collage and more.

The artwork can be viewed at The New Maynard Gallery (within the Flora Robson space) in the theatre foyer at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City.