John Brown - One Man Sculpture Exhibition

A One Man Sculpture Exhibition of John Brown’s work can be seen in the garden and gallery at the Bow House, 35 Wood Street, Barnet EN5 4BE on the weekends of 7-8 and 14-15 June from 12 noon until 5pm.   On each afternoon at 3pm John will give a short talk and demonstrate the methods he employs in creating his sculpture.

John Brown’s sculpture is based on the human form, abstracted and simplified, and his inspiration is derived from the relationships between couples, groups and families, although sometimes he creates single figures.   His work is in stone or cast in limited editions in bronze or cast resin materials.

'Break Dance'


In this exhibition there are interior sculptures displayed in the cellar gallery of the Bow House, and large garden sculptures in the old-world walled garden.

'Celebration II'


If you are interested in visiting the exhibition send for an invitation by emailing John at