'India', 6-31 January 2015

Nothing can prepare you for India.
It is a total assault on the senses.  Extremes. Contradictions.Humans and animals lives interwoven for better, for worse.The daily struggle to make a better future; for themselves, their children, goes on relentlessly in the dry, polluted, dusty heat.

Ancient buildings – vast palaces, temples, tombs, mosques; many unkempt and undervalued, beautiful beyond belief  -are oases of calm with exquisite, intricate decoration and use of luxurious materials.

The experience of India was overwhelming at times.   As a painter, my response comes through  the street dogs or pariahs, as they are sometimes called,  and the fallen petals from the semal trees – brash, bright orange/red rubbery petals scattered in the dust around ancient monuments where the dogs seek out shade and respite from the noise and chaos beyond the gates.  Abstracted moments, fleeting feelings.