'In Collaboration', 26 June - 3 Aug 2014

This exhibition, at The Gallery at Parndon Mill, demonstrates how artists and craftsmen with differing skills work together to create works of art.


The main feature is a series of glass and metal sculptures created by Sophie Arkettte for the Temple Church in response to the Magna Carta celebrations. Jon Lewis gave technical assistance in glassblowing and Alan Freeman forged the metalwork. 

Other examples of artists’ collaboration include glass and textile fibre sculptures by Heike Brachlow and Ayse Simsek, a sundial by Margery Lovatt and glass and metal sculpture by Jon Lewis and Jannette Lazelle. 

Among other exhibits, photographs, drawings and models present Angela Godfrey’s sculpture, fabricated by Eddie Norris, a metal sculpture commission by Karen Murphy and Leiselle Bristow and a project involving photography printed on glass sponsored by the Essex Network of Artist Studios. 

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