Harriet Kelsall Christmas Charity Event in aid of NSPCC

HARRIET KELSALL  & THE BEAUTY OF BESPOKE - 29 Nov 2014, 9.45-5pm.  

We believe in beauty....it’s at the heart of everything we do...  From our brand values to ethical sourcing, handcrafted precision & ultimately the beauty of the finished pieces...

Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery are known for a  uniquely personalised approach to quality and service in handcrafted jewellery.  Our exceptional  service by engaging with our Customers to tell their personal story as a key part of the creative design process.  

Come along on to this special event in aid of NSPCC where we will be celebrating Christmas in a truly beautiful way...

BEAUTIFULLY THOUGHTFUL  INSPIRATION-  our customers ideas spring from very diverse & quirky sources – a favourite  place, a type of stone, a car, a journey,  a planet, a scientific formula, a pet,  scuba diving... whatever it is, we can design something to reflect it.  We can share with you  some lovely quirky stories behind  the pieces we’ve made –it’s a very modern romance!

THE BEAUTY OF HANDMADE –  At our onsite workshops, we have a viewing gallery open to the public.  At this event there will be DEMONSTRATIONS by our  goldsmiths and workshop team. Customers  especially love the moment when a drawing turns into a three dimensional reality – many  describe them as miniature sculptures!  

BEAUTIFULLY ETHICAL  – We were one of the first to introduce Fairtrade metals as an option and have an ongoing commitment to it.  It’s an area of growing importance to our  customers.  We also have Responsible Jewellery Council Certification.

BEAUTIFULLY BRITISH:  TRADITION meets MODERNITY  our customers appreciate that we are preserving traditional handmaking skills .  We’re also truly British – everything is made in our onsite workshops in Herts.

BEAUTIFUL  PRESENTS! We also have lots of handmade ready-to-wear jewellery which make perfect presents....

There will also be kids jewellery making and tombolas to keep them entertained!

Oh, and there will also be lots of Festive Drinks & Nibbles...


At Fairclough Hall Farm, Halls Green, Herts SG4 7DP