'Flora' - 2-26 February 2015

'Flora' - paintings, illustrations and photography, contemporary to botanical by Herts Visual Arts Members - June Faulkner,  Fiona Gaskwell,  Linda Gifford,  Gerry Langton,  Jan Langton,  Jan Munro,  Roger Reynolds,  Donna Roche,  Eleanor Sidaway,  Janet Tranter & Gerry Wilmer is on display at the Dutch Nursery, Brookmans Park during February 2015.

Donna Roche
by Donna Roche
Roger Reynolds
by Roger Reynolds
Eleanor Sidaway
by Eleanor Sidaway
Linda Gifford
by Linda Gifford
Gerry Wilmer
by Gerry Wilmer
Jan Munro
by Jan Munro
Fiona Gaskell
by Fiona Gaskell
Janet Tranter
by Janet Tranter
June Faulkner
by June Faulkner
Jan Langton
by Jan Langton