Exhibiting at Parndon Mill


'Modern Landscapes"

Thu 11 Jan to Sun 18 Feb 2018

The first exhibition for 2018 in The Gallery is of colourful paintings and watercolours by David Quantrill. These are vivid, unique and thought evoking works of art, pushing the boundaries of paint on canvas. The subject matter is often irrelevant, based on visual experience, perhaps through reading material or even the spoken word or a thought. Many times a title precedes the work thus becoming a starting point, many of the ideas developing by just putting paint on canvas.

The paintings are complemented by equally colourful ceramics by HVA member Sarah Crickmore. She particularly likes the unpredictable and vibrant results that can be achieved with the raku process and the contrast between the bright crackled glazes and the carbonated unglazed clay body. She often incorporates texture to the clay surface or geometric resist patterns when applying the glaze to give a definite design element. However due to the nature of raku each piece will be unique.

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