A day with Dylan Bowen - Sat 27 Sept 2014

The Barnet Collection presents a day with Dylan Bowen10.00am - 4.00pm at Pennefather Memorial HallChrist Church Barnet, St Albans Road, Barnet, Herts EN54LA

Over the past decade Dylan Bowen’s work has displayed a new freedom and vitality, and he has earned international renown for his one off pieces, tall jars and bottles, squared vases and platters in which function is secondary to sculptural form, as well as purely abstract pieces. Much of his work is loosely thrown and altered, while some pieces are hand built, then swiftly carved or distorted, creating work of immense physicality.  He then applies slip - often favouring the bold contrast of black and white poured, trailed or brushed on with great verve.  This he does while the clay body is still wet, so that the making and decorating processes blur and combine, and the movement and energy invested in the creative process are captured in the finished piece.  

£28.00 per person to include delicious lunch and refreshments. For further information email: thebarnetcollection@gmail.com or see website www.thebarnetcollection.org 

Due to the limited number of places available, we accept pre-payment only.