'Counterpoint', 9 Jan-16 Feb 2014

Paintings by Stella Hunt, and Ceramics by Aila Simpson at The Gallery at Parndon Mill.  Opening hours:Tues-Fri (10-5) Sun (2-4)

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This exhibition of Stella Hunt's work shows different subjects depicted by using various textures and materials. Each piece of work is about a journey, the artist stating that she never knows, or wants to know, what the finished painting will be like until she gets to the end. For her this is the challenge.
Stella's paintings are complemented by ceramics by

Aila is fascinated by the surface of rocks, their texture and colour. For her ceramics she uses paper clay, which she mixes herself, to simulate the rock surfaces. Pots made with paper clay are astonishingly light, contrasting to the heavy things which they imitate. Colour is added using slips and underglaze colours emphasised by small patches of glaze which glisten like the rock. She also exhibits bowls and dishes in bright glazes which echo the colours of Stella's flower paintings.

Sally Anderson, The Gallery at Parndon Mill, Off Elizabeth Way, Harlow CM20 2HP Tel: 01279 426042 info@parndonmill.co.uk www.parndonmill.co.uk