British Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 Exhibition

This exhibition of 100 images and video, including winning and commended entries launched at the Mall Galleries and will be at Stockwood Discovery Centre. Luton LU1 4LX between 18 Jan-18 Mar 2014 as part of its year-long tour.  Open: Mon-Fri 10.00-4.00 / Sat-Sun 11.00-4.00

'Dormouse' by Danny Green

The Awards were created to celebrate the talents of both amateur and professional photographers, while simultaneously highlighting the great wealth of British natural history. With twelve separate categories including a special category for Wildlife in HD Video, the Awards beautifully reveal the splendour of Britain’s wildlife. There are also two junior categories to encourage young people to connect with nature through photography.

'Fox' by Samuel Morris

“These stunning images by so many talented photographers highlight the diversity, breadth and beauty of our precious wildlife and the need to protect their habitats. The British Wildlife Photography Awards are without doubt one of the most important photography awards in the UK. Anything that raises the public's awareness of the importance to conserve and protect British wildlife is very close to my heart and these awards afford a spectacular insight into the habitat and behaviour of our British wildlife. From blue tits to badgers, never has Britain's wildlife looked more beautiful", Chris Packham, Naturalist and TV Presenter. 

George Karbus the winner describes his magical moment with a surfing dolphin. “The photograph was taken in the most intimidating and surf-heavy spot on the Coast of Northern Ireland. I encountered this playful dolphin that suddenly started to surf the deep tube inside the waves. Each time the dolphin got into the wave, I dived underneath, held my breath and waited for the moment when he would swish through a silver barrel close enough to my lens. Water visibility is always very limited in Ireland, and I was very lucky to get a shot like this”.

Andrew Parkinson, Judge and Wildlife Photographer said “To me it is one of those extraordinary moments in nature, a dolphins' fin cutting through the surface of the
water, and creating a perfect window onto the land. Not only was the
photographer in the right place at the right time, he also had the skill to
nail it! Stunning!"

Kate Foreshew, Judge and Photo Editor at WWF-UK comments: “The winning image of the dolphin surfacing is delightful. This dolphin’s eye view is such a pleasing perspective – and a reminder of how close we live to incredible species. The Coast and Marine category opens our eyes to the incredible biodiversity under the waves and along our coastlines, and reminds us of the need to manage and safeguard this incredible environment.”

The Category winners for 2013 are:

ANIMAL PORTRAITS: Mark Thomas “Tommy”
(Tompot Blenny, North Wales) 

'Tommy' by Mark Thomas

ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR: Robin Orrow “Deadly Rivals”
(Grey Wagtail, Norfolk)        

URBAN WILDLIFE: Jamie Hall “Fallow Deer on Housing Estate” (London) 

'Fallow Deer on Housing Estate' by Jamie Hall

HIDDEN BRITAIN: James Knight “Viewpoint“
(Snail, Buckinghamshire)    

COAST AND MARINE: George Karbus “In the Living Room” (Bottlenose Dolphin, Northern Ireland) * OVERALL WINNER*

'In the Living Room' by George Karbus

WILDWOODS: Richard Packwood “Badger in the Woods”
(Mid Wales) 

HABITAT: Margaret Walker “Red Deer Stags Enduring Blizzard”
(Cairngorms, Scotland) 

BOTANICAL BRITAIN: Robert Canis “In the Shadow of Giants” (Saffrondrop Bonnet, Kent)

NATURAL DETAILS: Michael Gallagher “Cuttlefish Detail”

 BRITISH SEASONS: Tomasz Garbacz “Ptarmigan”

DOCUMENTARY: Neil Aldridge “The Alternative”
(Badger Vaccination,  SERIES Bedfordshire)  

WILDLIFE IN HD VIDEO: Liz Musser “Henry and the Waxwings”
 (Fair Isle, Shetland, Scotland)  

View all the winning Images, video and selection of highly commended entries here: