'A Sense of Place', 15 May - 22 June 2014

An exhibition about a sense of a place inside ourselves, which we call imagination. The Gallery at Parndon Mill, Off Elizabeth Way
 HARLOW CM20 2HP.  T: 01279 426042, info@parndonmill.co.uk, www.parndonmill.co.uk.

Curated by Ivan Daggett who is a Fine Artist based at Parndon Mill and a Senior Tutor in Art and Design at Harlow College. The curatorial approach to the exhibition stems from studies in Archetypal Psychology, which sees imagination as an activity of soul and not just a human faculty. 

The exhibition includes Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Digital and Physical Theatre by artists who have attended Ivan’s workshops:Jim Brown, Ivan Daggett, Sam Debbah, Margaret Johnson, Heather Jukes, Jill Kerby, Martyn Leggett, Jane Miller, Aila Simpson, Anthony Stapleton, Andy Thomson and Sue Wagstaff.

Further workshops will occur during the exhibition and a "walk through" structural sculpture based on Harlow's built environment, by Andy Thompson will be constructed in front of The Gallery